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How To Speak Pig Latin
A tutorial written by alliicat | Copyright © 2007


Pig Latin is a made-up kids' language that is a variation on the English language. It's great for secret conversations and sounds extremely confusing, but it's easy enough to learn and understand.

If you're ever bored enough to express a need to speak an annoying and inconvenient but also super-fun topsecret "language", learn Pig Latin! It's a great skill to posess. =D

This is just how I learned it, there are many other different ways of speaking Pig Latin.

The Basics & Words That Start With Consonants

First of all, you take a word in English, and then move the first sound syllable to the end of the word. For example, the word dog. The first sound would be d, so you'd end up with ogd. Then you would add -ay to the end of the word. So ogday is dog in Pig Latin. This method only applies to words that start with a consonant.

Move The Whole Sound

So now you know ogday is dog, atcay is cat and ousemay is mouse. But words like tree and ship, where two letters make up one sound, you wouldn't move only the first letter, you must move the whole sound. So tree would NOT be reetay in Pig Latin, it would be eetray, and ship would NOT be hipshay, it'd be ipshay. Think about it: it's easier to translate Pig Latin in your head if the first sound letters stay together.

Words That Start With Vowels

You've learned what to do with the majority of words, but what do you do when you come across a word that starts with a vowel? Words like apple, octopus or icicle are translated differently. Instead of moving the first sound, you say the word exactly how it sounds in English but add -hay to the end. So apple would be applehay, octopus would be octopushay and icicle would be iciclehay. Pretty simple, huh =D

Sidenotes About Vowels

A few tips and hints about vowels in Pig Latin...

- Adding -hay to the end of the word starting with a vowel is how I learned it. You can also get away with using either -ay, -way, -yay, or other accepted combinations that I wouldn't know about.

-In Pig Latin, only a, e, i, o and u are considered vowels, treat y as if it's a consonant.

- The silent consonant factor. The first sound in words like honor sound like a vowel because of the silent consonant, so it's translated like a vowel. So honor would be honorhay. I'm sure there's other words like honor...I just can't think of any right now...

Apostrophes And What Happens To Them

A very simple lesson here. When you have apostrophes...leave them in their rightful place! So... you're becomes ou'reyay, it's becomes it'shay...and so on =D

What To Capitalize

This isn't really a solid rule, this is what I usually do about capitals when writing Pig Latin. This is only here because I'm a grammar freak and I need to include this. XD

If the word is not a proper noun, and is only capitalized becasue it's the beginning of a sentence, then change the capitalized letter to the first letter in the Pig Latin word. For this sentence Bananas are good, in Pig Latin Bananas would be Ananasbay, making A the capital and not the b. Did that make any sense?

If the word IS a proper noun, such as Canada, the word would look like anadaCay in Pig Latin. That's if the word is NOT at the beginning of the sentence. Then Canada would be AnadaCay.
...Lost yet? XD

The (Important) Hypen

Just another note for writing Pig Latin. If you can't translate it easily, adding hypens in your written work might help. Instead of Ihay ikelay appleshay, it would be I-hay ike-lay apples-hay. This can make it easier or more confusing for you to understand. *shrug*

Put It All Together

Translate these Pig Latin sentences back to English =) Hypenated and non-hypenated for your convenience.

I-hay eel-fay ike-lay earning-lay ig-Pay atin-Lay.
Earning-lay uff-stay is-hay un-fay!
Et's-lay earn-lay ig-Pay atin-Lay ogether-tay!

- Enise-Day S.

Ihay eelfay ikelay earninglay igPay atinLay.
Earninglay uffstay ishay unfay!
Et'slay earnlay igPay atinLay ogethertay!

- EniseDay S.

Scroll down a little for the English answers...

I feel like learning Pig Latin.
Learning stuff is fun!
Let's learn Pig Latin together!

- Denise S.
An-cay ou-yay eak-spay ig-Pay atin-Lay?

If not...go learn it now!

...Excuse my pathetic attept at explaining least TRY to understand the tutorial... XD

Wasn't sure what to categorize it under...hope this works =D
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RestingSatyr Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
Iway ovelay itway! Ouyay explainedway Igpay Atinlay itequay ellway.
spyaroundhere35 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
daaaaaaaaang is confuzzling...and i read all the tips and rules....
Irken--ski Featured By Owner May 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
iay earnedlay isthay omfray ymay riendfay taay oolschay... utbay iay owknay owhay otat ovemay ethay oundsay ownay!
Star-Aurora Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011
I usually use vay at the end of vowel-starting words.
Eyhay I'may Awesomevay.
rj3987 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
Ihay eakspay igPay atinLay!

Thanks so much!

alliicat Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010
Ou'reyay elcomeway! :)
Mellez Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
Iay avehay lwaysaay peltsay ikelay histay ndaay otnay orryway boutaay llaay hetay owelsvay ndaay tuffsay.
alliicat Featured By Owner May 19, 2008
XD i actually kinda understood that.
i-hay ink-thay it's-hay easier-hay oo-tay ite-wray ig-Pay atin-Lay ike-lay is-thay.
translation (if my pig latin is really bad and you didn't get that):
i think that it's easier to write Pig Latin like this.
(as in, with the vowels and the dashes between words)
Mellez Featured By Owner May 19, 2008
No, I got it. My brain just can't comprehend the way you speak ig-pau atin-lay.

I have always spoken without all the hay's and the -'s
alliicat Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007
yay =D tyyy
Chibi-Me Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007

XD worth a shot.
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